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Kenneth Cotich is a guitarist and music teacher living in Southern California. He earned a Masters in Music from the University of Redlands and is currently finishing his Ph.D in Musicology at Claremont Graduate University. He received the Fred and Grace Smith Fellowship of Music and the Albert B. Friedmann Award through the Claremont School of Arts and Humanities. He currently holds teaching positions at San Jacinto Valley Academy and the Redlands Conservatory of Music. Aside from teaching and performing music, he works at the Honnold/Mudd Library as a Digital Production Assistant. He produces Claremont Graduate University's recitals and faculty performances as concert manager. He previously toured and worked with musicians on the East and West coasts of the United States while maintaining a rigorous academic life. His music has been released by Loaded Sound, Emotionless Records, and independently.

Ben Harper grew up in Australia before relocating to London. As well as making audio-visual installations, he has most recently been working as a composer with live electronic feedback (both analogue and digital), spoken word, and music designed for users of cochlear implants. His music, writing and visual art is based upon the conscious imitation of others to observe the nature of originality, and the removal of technique as a vehicle for musical expression.

His public appearances have been rare, seldom venturing out of his bunker in East London, where he nurses his obscurity, mistaking it for genius. Over the past twenty years he has succumbed to pressure on a handful of occasions to present some of his music or artwork to the public in a small gallery or bar.

Daniel Corral is a composer and sound artist born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska. In Los Angeles since 2005, his work includes accordion orchestras, multimedia microtonal electronics, puppet operas, handmade music boxes, site-specific sound installations, chamber music, and intermedia collaborations.
Corral’s music has been commissioned and presented by venues such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Sundance Film Festival, Banff Centre, Joe’s Pub, REDCAT, Iceland University of the Arts,Walt Disney Concert Hall, Hammer Museum, MoCA LA, Göteborg Art Sound Festival, USC, Center for New Music, CSUN, Pianospheres, and the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts.
Corral taught at CalArts 2016-2020. Corral is currently working towards his Ph.D in Music Composition at UCSD.

Margo Schulter has been interested in European medieval, Renaissance, and Manneristic music since 1966; in 1998, John Chalmers of Xenharmonikon invited her to join the Alternate Tuning List, she saw Xenharmonikon 17, and was fascinated by what she read. In 2001-2002, she had the precious opportunity to collaborate with George Secor in an exploration of his 17-tone well-temperament of 1978; this process led her to explore Near Eastern music, as well as isoharmonic sonorities and Kathleen Schlesinger's superparticular melodic series. Jacky Ligon was a vital formative influence, and later Ozan Yarman and Jacques Dudon and Stephen Pohlit. She lives in Sacramento, California.

Dylan Crismani is an Australian composer, instrument maker, and lecturer in music at The University of Adelaide. Dylan's compositional style aims to fuse American minimalism with European spectralism and microtonality.

Paul Johnson (b. 1997) studied composition with David Vayo and Kyle Shaw, and has composed chamber pieces based on large-scale processes structured improvisation, and game rules. He holds a degree in mathematics and physics from Illinois Wesleyan University, and is interested in Erv Wilson's combinatorial and graph theoretic approaches toward tuning spaces. He is currently pursuing instrument building, and wants to use Harry Partch's "Corporiality" as a unifying concept for both popular and spectral composition.