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Bill Alves is a composer based in Southern California, where he teaches at the Claremont Colleges, co-directs LA’s MicroFest, and directs the HMC American Gamelan, a just intonation ensemble originating in his Fulbright Fellowship in Java and Bali, Indonesia. He is the author of Music of the Peoples of the World and coauthor of Lou Harrison: American Musical Maverick. His other writings have appeared in 1/1, the Computer Music Journal, Perspectives of New Music, and elsewhere. His recordings are available from MicroFest Records, Kinetika Video Library, and other labels. More information is at

Grady works as the archivist of the works of musical theorist Erv Wilson and as the cultural liaison for Anaphoria Island. His own work involves using concepts of meta-culture realized in composing music for his instrumental ensembles in Just Intonation and special recurrent sequences. These are often combined with shadow theatre, installation and film. He prefers the term mesotonal (over microtonal) to further define a relation with theatrical anthropology and medical ethnomusicology .

A recovering Interaction Designer originally from California, Lucija is currently enjoying life along the sea in Split, Croatia or sipping Turkish coffee in Sarajevo's Old Town. The instruments of Harry Partch and Terry Riley's "Shri Camel" were her spirit animals while working on Xenharmonikon.